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☃️ Are you looking for a last minute, easy December planner? ❄️ Or do you need wintry papers?

Hello my dear journaling friend,

Maybe you are like me, and you decided at the very last minute that you DO need a December planner? For all those to-do-lists, your thoughts and feelings?

Well, I've got you covered 😊 In my shop there are 2 kits that you can choose from.

With either one of the planner bundles you can make a super easy, quick December planner for yourself. Oh, and if you don't need a planner, scroll to the end of this message... there are more gorgeous winter papers.

How to make a super quick, gorgeous December planner? Go to the shop to buy & download the bundle. Then:

  1. print 4 of the weekly pages back-to-back

  2. print the month overview to the back of the fifth weekly page

  3. print the month intro page single sided - to glue on the front of your planner-journal (take a plain thicker cardstock as cover, folded in half)

  4. print one plain journal paper (hint: get yourself the DeLuxe pack for even more lovely papers to play with) to glue as inside cover papers of the journal

  5. all ready! just write the numbers of the days per week so it's less effort.

Which one to take? Well, either the super lovely:

The Christmas Bear and The Polar Fox

The Chrismas Bear & The Polar Fox - undated planner papers with monthly overview & month intro

Or use the soft & dreamy

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland - undated planner papers with monthly overview & month intro

Even though the sample images have the weeks and days numbered, the planner papers are UNDATED. I didn't get a chance to change the example images, sorry...

You don't need a planner, but you want beautiful wintry papers?

Each of the planner bundles has a Journal Papers option, with no planner elements. So that is very useful if you want to create wintry pages in your journal.

And then there is the other, large bundle: The Wintry Forest. That one has 20 printable papers, all with lovely watercolor images of the winter, forest animals and more of that goodness.

Okay, don't let me take any more time from you. ☃️ I hope you find something you like in the shop. That you will find the peace of mind to make a little journal for yourself, be it a planner or not.

Have a wonderful crafting time,

With love, Maureen 😘


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