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😊 Do you like a good story? How I found my way back to my true creative inspiration - storytelling


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Dear Maureen. Thank you for your letter and sharing your story of healing, and sharing this story from you Garden of Stories. I find myself also not with time or energy for creativity. Not so much writing but making journals as I used to. Although, about writing, even writing an article for a professional journal is also something that I am struggling with at the moment. And I was thinking that I must return to my morning pages. Although I must say that I never did the morning pages as Julia Cameron recommends, in the morning. Lotsa warm hugs,

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Thank you for your response. It can be a struggle to get back to writing. I feel that letting go, stepping away sometimes helps, instead of trying to force it. I've done morning pages but they don't work for me, which is personal of course. A warm hug and wishing that you find you creative energy soon, Maureen

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