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News from MaureenAstrid - July 2021

Hi my dear journaling friend,

It's Maureen again, with a little update of what is going on. Let me start by saying 

😊 thank you so much for all of you who continue to support me πŸ˜Š

Whether it is by downloading papers from my shop - even if it is only a freebie - or by showing up in my Instagram feed 

it means a lot. πŸ’ 

I know I am not as active as I was before. That you may not even see me anymore in your feed. Still I see you stopping by. There are still lots of you who come to my shop. It warms my heart. Knowing that all over the world creative people are using my papers... I can't express in words how much that means. Really.

That being said. Maybe you've already seen some of the projects I've been up to lately.  But let me show you some of them.

A handmade journal with soft cover

That beauty with the flower fabric stitched on the gray fabric? A handmade journal that I've bee working on for a few weeks. I wanted something with a soft cover, lots of florals and hand stitching. πŸ˜„ It worked out.

I love the journal very much. It's cover is oversized. There is plenty of room for large tabs on the top of the pages. Or other things, also things sticking out at the bottom of the pages. 

I like it so much, I'm gonna make another one...  Stay tuned, I'll show more pictures on IG. 

A mini journal

That book you see on the top right in the picture above? It is a mini journal, a cute little one that measures only 8 x 10 cm - 3,15 x 3,94 inches. 

Let me show you the cover. I used vintage fabric πŸ˜„ yes, I'm in a fabric mood lately. It's very different than anything I made before - I ripped all the edges of the pages!  You can see that in the other photo here above on the lower right. 

I love the cutie. It's so grungy, yet still beautiful. Maybe because I used only bookpages from one book. Otherwise it would be too much for me. Have you ever done that? 

More videos on YouTube?

I'm sorry that I cannot make new videos for you. Not for lack of ideas, there are still plenty of things in my head. It is because I know it will throw me off my path of recovery. Which by the way is going well I must say. My energy levels are going up, my mood has improved. I'm so blessed that I am given the space & time to stop, rest and recuperate. It's just not the time to pick up my camera. I hope you understand.

Making new printables is what I can do, so I focus on that. If only to use in my own creative projects πŸ˜„.

New papers in the shop

Maybe you are thinking of starting a new journal project yourself? Maybe you want to create a mini journal? Or a soft cover journal? Or maybe you just need some super beautiful papers for collages? Why don't you check out my latest bundles? There are 4 new ones. I can't tell you which one is my favourite ... πŸ™ˆ They are all in the new soft cover journal, they work so well with each other. 

Maud Hiemstra, my dear friend, made some lovely cards with the papers. Go check out her short video, it may give you some more inspiration. 

Have you ever made a snippet roll?

Well, I hadn't until a week ago. A lot of the super creative journalers I follow use them a lot, so I really wanted to give it a go πŸ˜Š You can see them in the picture in the beginning of the newsletter. I loved making them, there will be more for sure. It is a great thing for using up those scraps of paper we all have. I didn't want to keep these all for myself, so I created a freebie for you.

Do want to make your own, but you need some more inspiration?

My dear friend Barbara from 49dragonflies has a video on her YouTube that is worth checking out. She shows how to make autumn themed snippet rolls. 

Thank you, see you next time

So, that's it for me this time. I hope you have a good summer, with some time for journaling.

Should you make some lovely paper beauties with my papers, show me on Instagram? Just tag me in the post and I'll come over to see what you made.

😘 Love, Maureen 

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