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Something has changed in the shop... and there is a new kit!

The way I offer my free printables is different. As of today (june 28) I will have ONE free kit in the shop. There will be a NEW one every 3 to 4 weeks. The new kit will remain free for a limited period of time - about 1 week - the other printables will no longer be free ... but they will still be very affordable. 💕

With the ever growing amount of printables I felt this is the best way to go forward. I do not wish my shop to be "unfair competition" which it would be if I keep like 15 or more kits for free... with each kit having 7 to 10 printable pages. 💕

I sincerely hope you understand. By doing it this way I can still continue to offer beautiful free printables for those of you who are in a position where you cannot afford to buy things. 💕 Thank you for your understanding. I promise I will make it worth while for you. I have lots of ideas for new kits and for collaborations with other talented journalers. 🥰 

To start of this whole new shop-experience I posted a brand new kit this morning! It's called "Isn't she Pretty in Purple?" and I love it very much.

Check it out, it will be free for the next 7 days only.

have a wonderful day 🥰 love, Maureen

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