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To plan or not to plan... πŸ˜„ A new freebie & a digital november planner bundle

Hello dear journaling friend,

I hope this e-mail finds you safe & well. As I told you last time I had the wonderful chance of going on a vacation in my own country, which really recharged my creative battery. There are a lot of things I have in mind, but let me start with this one: my first ever planner bundle. Oh, and let me tell you right away, you don't need to be a planner to love the bundle!

So, with november on our doorstep, here it is: "To Plan Or Not To Plan" πŸ˜„ 

Browsing my designs, shopping for new elements to make a gorgeous bundle for you, I took the watercolor papers as a base. Adding lovely watercolor graphics, I created a bundle that has everything to make a simple & beautiful november planner. 

Are you curious already? This is what it looks like πŸ¦”

There are 14 pages in the bundle. Of which 5 are full size double pages with no planner elements. The bundle is therefore perfect for both planners and non-planners πŸ˜„

This bundle is very easy to use. Simply print all the pages at 100%. (1) Trim the white edges off. (2) Cut them in half. (3) Glue them into your existing standard size journal. Of course you have the freedom to print at larger or even smaller size. You can also rearrange the notes-pages in whichever order you like. 

I've kept the price low: only $2. And, that price will not go up 😊.


Not looking for a large bundle? Want to see what it looks like first without spending money? 

I absolutely understand. That's why I created the freebie πŸ¦” which has 5 pages, taken from the same bundle. 

Sounds good? I really hope you will love these bundles as much as I do. 

I had to print all the pages of course, so I immediately created my own planner-journal. It's gorgeous. And so simple. You don't need to add anything. Well, your plans and such πŸ˜„ But you can still add as many of your own embellishments as you like. Anyway, there will be a YouTube video up in a few days, showing my journal, so keep an eye out for that. 

In the mean time, thank you for your support, your love & all of the warm comments you give me.

πŸ₯° Love, Maureen

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