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What happened in February | a YouTube video & a new bundle

Hello dear journaling friend,

It's Maureen, I'm here to tell you about what happened in February πŸ˜Š

To start off, first the news that was really hard for me to share...

Then, to prove that I'm not leaving you entirely I have 2 new bundles to share with you. To see them, just keep reading. But first this...

I am taking a break from making YouTube videos

I made a very short video. To tell you that it will be silent on YouTube for the time being. I've decided to take a break. I'm not sure yet for how long, but I suspect it will be at least a couple of months.

πŸ’— I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here with me. For supporting me with all your love and kind words. πŸ’— I cannot express enough what that means to me.

If you want to keep in touch, come on over to Instagram. I plan to post things on a fairly regular basis there. And keep an eye on the shop, because I also plan to make more beautiful papers, just that I don't want to pressure myself to keep any sort of time schedule. 

Again, thank you so much. This was a really really hard decission but I have to do this to get myself recharged again.

Love, Maureen 

My video is here on YouTube

This was very hard to do, but once I made the video, posted it, there was a weight lifted from my shoulders. And then the warm comments came pouring in. That was such a good feeling, knowing that you understand, that you support me, and that it is okay. So: thank you all πŸ’—

The Floral Damask Papers

Maybe you've seen this one already, but for those of you who haven't, she is too lovely not to put in the spotlights πŸ˜Š my Floral Damask Bundle.

They are beautifully colourful, giving you that feeling of spring. If you'd like to know how I created this bundle there is a blog I wrote about that process. Oh, and as always you can opt to buy only the journal papers, or the undated planner papers. The choice is all yours!

A Tea Party and Flowers

After the lovely tutorial on how to make tea party invitations I realised I have so many more gorgeous tea party themed elements in my library. I felt it was a shame to leave them unused on my computer. The result? A series of 4 bundles! Planner papers (undated so use them any time you like), Journal pages, A small collage bundle  and a large collage bundle. Or take the XXL bundle and save 20%... In all there are 32 new papers. Curious to know what they look like? Here is a preview.

That is all I have to share with you for now. I hope you have enough time, energy and inspiration to keep journaling, to keep being creative. 

Love 😘 Maureen

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